20 Most Popular Dota 2 Heroes in 2018


My bossom friend loves DOTA 2 a lot. She is truly excited about this game. This is a free to play game. The game is designed with number of inedible features and heroes. Herly makes Dota 2 Wallpapers as her desktop backgrounds.

Dota 2 Features

When it comes about gaming wallpapers then Dota 2 Images Should come in first. There are tons of playes who loves this game regularly.  As the reports of  Steamchart, 570008 players played this game in 21 February 2018. So, Can you imagine how much popular the Dota game is ?

its crazy right ?

Let’s move to the Dota2 Heroes

Dota 2 Heroes Lists

Many of us don’t the Dota 2 Heroes name. There are many heroes Dota 2 has from them I’ve listed couple of popular heroes.

Take a look to the  Heroes Lists..

1) Abaddon11) Brewmaster
2) Alchemist12) Broodmother
3)Ancient Apparition13) Bristleback
4) Anti-Mage14) Centaur Warrunner
5) Arc Warden15) Clinkz
6) Bane16) Chen
7) Axe17) Chaos Knight
8) Batrider18 ) Crystal Maiden
9) Bloodseeker19) Dark Seer
10) Beasmaster20) Dispuptor and many more.


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