Millions of people of the world already knows about the PUBG PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. PUBG is the video game that started the battle royale trend with its wonderful, semi-realistic style of gameplay, as well as since the Xbox One version is final and does well, its superb equilibrium really shines with.

In my Style, I found PUBG as my best options to play. And also in so doing, it disclosed itself as one of the most effective games I have actually ever played.

After I spent hundreds hours of playing PUBG, as it’s come to be understood, is still what I feel every single time that I gear up my Xbox One X and also start this video game. If you’re completely new with PUBG, you might start this game in wrong way. 

You will be asked to customize your character in your own style. pick whether you want to play alone or with others in a “duo” or “squad,” and directly over to a waiting area where individuals you’ll require to outlive as well as remove are running about, trying out weapons, punching each other as well as checking out. Get Free PUBG Skins by completing easy offers or survey.

PUBG Update in 2020

Few days ago PUBG update 1.0 has arrived. PUBG on Xbox One gets rid of its junky online reputation from the Xbox Game and also is ultimately a solid variation.

Mount rate stutters a little bit in the lobby location and also throughout jumps, yet aside from that it seldom has trouble holding 30 frameworks per second on a standard Xbox One, and also link troubles or disconnects are uncommon. I have actually been using a standard Xbox One the visuals are a visible downgrade compared to the PC version, yet I have not had lots of concerns other than some buildings taking extra time to totally render.

I have actually been playing on a basic Xbox One the visuals are a recognizable downgrade contrasted to the PC variation, yet I haven’t had lots of concerns aside from some buildings taking additional time to completely render.


It brings few small variations in every features on Xbox. PUBG on Xbox One also currently has every feature of the COMPUTER variation. When diving right into a match you can choose to do so either in first-person only or third-person to ensure the unrealistic benefit of peeking around corners in third-person.

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While grouping with arbitrary people is technically possible, in my experience many people hardly ever make use of a mic, which is incredibly frustrating in a video game that calls for clear interaction and also synergy. You’ll truly want to discover a team of buddies to have fun with in this one.

Compared to others popular game as well as Fortnite– PUBG is completely different from others. You will gather a systematic as well as tactical experience from this game.