All of we are eagerly waiting to enjoy FIFA World Cup 2018. Time has come to celebrate Football World cup. Moscow’s Luzhni stadium will be hosting the opening match of the FIFA 2018 World Cup. This biggest tournament starts from 14th June and the finale is on 15th of July.

Between these dates, a total of 12 venues will be hosting different matches of the FIFA World Cup. Each of the venues will be hosting at least 4 matches in total. Download FIFA World Cup 2018 Wallpapers for your desktop backgrounds.

Take a look at the FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 Venues

Ekaterinburg Arena (Ekaterinburg)

This place has a historical background and it is one of the easterly city with will be hosting FIFA World Cup 2018. This stadium is situated at the foot of a mountain named the Ural. Ekaterinburg is the place where members of the royal family were executed. October 1917 revolution has even marked its existence there.

Kaliningrad Stadium (Kaliningrad)

Kaliningrad is situated on the Baltic Coast and it is the most westerly city of the country that will be hosting FIFA World Cup 2018. Kaliningrad stadium has been build sole purpose of the finale. But as the world cup gets over it will be the home to FC Baltika Kaliningrad.

Kazan Arena (Kazan)

The population of Kazan is 1.2 million people and it is the capital city of the Republic of Tatarstan. The Kazan Arena was built for the purpose of World University Games in the year 2013.

Luzhniki Stadium (Moscow)

Luzhniki stadium has even been home to city clubs such as CSKA, Torpedo and Spartak. It was during 2008 when Manchester United won their third European cup by defeating Chelsea on penalty. The fans of Manchester United will surely remember this stadium because of the tensed game and driving rainfall.

Spartak Stadium (Moscow)

As the name suggests, it is the home to FC Spartak Moscow. This football club have any stadium that they could state their own before Spartak stadium was build. This stadium was opened in the year 2004. Spartak stadium can hold up to 43293 people for one match.

Nizhny Novgorod Stadium ( Nizhniy Novgorod)

Ever since 19th century Nizhny Novgorod has been the important commercial city. The stadium is located in a place where you will find the amalgam of nature and architecture. It is built on the hill that overlooks the Volga River.

Rostov Arena (Rostov-On-Don)

The Rostov-on-Don city still holds the Cossack culture and it is even one of the historical city’s in Russia. The Rostov Arena is situated on the back of Don river. It is even one kilometer south-east to Moscow.

St Petersburg Stadium (St Petersburg)

St Petersburg is the old imperial capital and by this mean the St Petersburg Stadium is the secondary venue for the FIFA World Cup 2018. This stadium has hosted many matches, some had made the audience cringe and others were nail-biting hard. So here we wait for some more exciting matches that will take place in this tournament.

Samara Arena (Samara)

This city is the capital of the Samara region other the other hand it is even the home to the offices of Russian state during the Second World War when they evacuated from Moscow. This city is of high importance while it comes to the political sector of the country. The samara Arena is a beautiful dome-shaped stadium, the architectural design of this stadium is different from that of other stadiums.

Mordovia Arena (Saransk)

Saransk is the capital city of Mordovia region. Its population is about 3000000. This stadium can hold up to 44442 people for a match. But this number will be reduced to 25000 after the FIFA World Cup 2018. By reducing the space of the stadium, the authority will make for indoor games in the same complex.

Fisht Stadium (Sochi)

Sochi is a beautiful resort city on the edge of the Black Sea. The Fisht stadium has hosted the winter Olympics of 2014. The sole purpose of building this stadium is for the Olympic Games. After the FIFA World Cup, this stadium will turn into a training and match venue for the Russian national team.

Volgograd Arena (Volgograd)

Volgograd is formerly known as Stalingrad. It is a historical landmark, one of the pivotal battles during World War two has taken place here. It is now the home to one million inhabitances. The Volgograd Arena built on the old Central ground. After the FIFA World Cup 2018 get over, it will be the home to Rotor Volgograd.