Flowers are the symbol of love.  All of we love flowers for different types of purpose. Flowers are such an incredible nature that can be our best friend.  A flower helps to keeps our mind refresh.  If you take flowers smell in morning before starting works then your whole day will be fine.

Our day cannot be fulfilled without taking flowers smell. We can use flowers in many purposes; some people use flowers in their house, some people use it in shop and others use it in their car. Some people have deep passion in gardening.

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We’ve collected 10 more unique flower wallpapers; take a look to our Ultra HD quality flowers Images:

  • Begonia flower
  • Bonsai
  • Lotus Flower
  • Hakea Flower
  • Hoya flower
  • Jhumko lota
  • Kathgolap
  • lily flower
  • Nondini flower
  • Pink rose

Begonia Flowers

Begonia Flowers are the most popular flowers especially in tropical regions.  Begonia needs warm temperatures to cultivate it.



Bonsai is a famous Japanese art form. Bonsai trees made using cultivation techniques to produce a small and lucrative shape. People love bonsai for its mimic shape.  Bonsai tress represents Japanese historical tradition over a thousand years.

Bonsai tree wallpaper

Lotus Flower

The lotus is a national flower of Vietnam & India. The scientific name of this flower is Nelumbo nucifera, it is also known as Egyptian bean, bean of India, sacred lotus, and Indian lotus. This flower is known as various names including Utpala, Kamala, Padma, Pundarika etc.

jhumko lota