Are you getting afraid to enable cortana in windows 10? Are you feeling tensed that how you can do this? Don’t be tensed, you are in right place. Windows is one of the most fabulous edition of Microsoft, its each and every features are very easy and user-friend. In this article I am going to school you that How to active Cortana on your Windows 10 very easily within few seconds. Let’s take a look…

What is Cortana

Cortana is your one of the best virtual assistant, when you are in front of PC or Laptop then Cortana will assist you like girlfriend.  As a virtual assistant, she will manage your all works and remember all the tasks that you have set for tomorrow. Cornata will help you find everything that you want to search on your PC. It is more likely Google Voice service. Read full review about Cortana here.

How to activate Cortana

Cortana is one of the best part of Windows 10; it can help you in various ways. To get help from Cortana, you need to set up this first. If you still don’t set cortana, then follow our super easy steps to make it active.

To active Cortana, go to search box/ Cortana icon in the taskbar, click on the click the notebook icon (right under the home icon) and toggle up on the options.