When you are interested enough  to know what are the Top CSGO Cases, We would like to inform you that you are in right place to know everything about CSGO  Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) is one of the top played multiplayer first-person shooter video game in 2019.  CSGO was released in August 2012 for Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, and the OS X. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the 4th game in the Counter-Strike series.

CSGO Stats

When you are playing CSGO you need to know how many players play this game. According to the Steam Stats, 555,003 players were in online on 3rd March 11, 2019. This is the most popular game in 2019. You may download HD quality CSGO wallpapers for your desktop backgrounds.

CSGO Cases List

If you are wondering about CSGO cases lists, then you are in right place where you can find most popular CSGO cases lists. Take a look to the Top cases lists of CSGO

  • Spectrum Case
  • Glove Case
  • StatTrak™ Radicals Box
  • CS:GO Graffiti Box
  • Collectible Pins Capsule Series 2
  • Chroma 3 Case
  • Team Roles Capsule
  • Slid3 Capsule
  • Pinups Capsule
  • Enfu Sticker Capsule
  • Bestiary Capsule
  • Sugarface Capsule
  • Gamma 2 Case
  • Gamma Case
  • Collectible Pins Capsule Series 1
  • Community Graffiti Box 1