Cortana is one of the latest features in Windows 10. It is your digital assistant; it can help you in various ways. When you need to search something on your PC, Windows 10 Cortana can be your true friend.

Cortana will let you know everything in your PC, for example, you are searching calendar, and you don’t need to type it on search box. Its simple, open your microphone and talk to Cortana, she will tell you where is calendar.

If you are getting confused that what to say, don’t afraid, there’s suggestion on your lock screen, you may get help from them.

Things that Cortana can do for you on Windows 10

There’s many interesting things that Cortana can do for you. As your digital assistant, she will treat you as your girlfriend. Whatever you need just tell her and she will bring it in front of you.

Windows 10 is comparatively better from its previous version because of Cortana and many others exciting new features. Check out what she can do for you.

  • Find files, places, facts, and info.
  • Will give you reminders based on places, peoples, and times.
  • It will send your texts and email to your friends.
  • Cortana will track teams, packages, flights, and interests.
  • To keep you up to date, Cortana will manage your calendar.
  • You can play games and chit chat with her.
  • Cortana will create and manage lists of your PC.

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How to Turn on Cortana on Windows 10

To turn on Cortana on your Windows 10 PC or laptop, go to settings and turn on Let Cortana respond to “Hey Cortana.”. It is pretty simple process, you may try it now!!

How to Turn off Cortana on Windows 10

It is also very simple process, to turn off cortana repeat the process and switch it “Off”. If you are still in confusion and can’t operate Cortana on your PC, don’t be panic, you may completely disable her within few clicks.

To disable Cortana on Windows 10, go to setting and you will see there is a option at top side to disable Cortana.