As all of we know that windows 10 is one of the most versatile and latest version of Windows. It has included number of dynamic new features. Windows 10 new features are truly exciting for its users. Microsoft has tried to make its new version more closely to its users. It’s all features are most ergonomic, helpful and updated. There are many more new features that have been included in its latest version. Microsoft has deployed windows 10 such way that you will get all possible facilities in one version.  Windows 10 new features are different from its old versions and any traditional PC.  Let’s take look…

List of Windows 10 New Features

So, now I will be talking about Windows 10 New Features list and its update. Basically, Microsoft has been added many helpful and dynamic features in their new version. Millions of people love windows 10 for its new features. However, Microsoft tarried to make your life easier and updated in their latest version. Here I list Microsoft windows latest features lists:

  • Winsdows 10 Cortana.
  • Microsoft Edge.
  • Start Menu Folders.
  • Facilities to add Multiple Desktops.
  • Updated Touchpad
  • Central Notification Center
  • Office App
  • Dynamic Lock System

Cortana that makes your windows smarter

Microsoft has built its own voice assistant to make your windows smarter. Cortana is a virtual voice assistant that will work as your voice search engine like Google voice search. When you will need to search any files, documents, Videos, calendar or task file etc, then Cortana will help you to search these files over your voice, you don’t need to search any file manually, and you can search every single file on your Windows PC over voice search (Cortana). For example, you are need to find Calender, simply press on Cortana and say “Calender”, she will find calendar very quickly. This is one of dynamic new features of windows 10.

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft has replaced Internet Explorer to Edge. Microsoft Edge is one of the fastest growing internet search browser. To be honest, Internet Explorer wasn’t working properly as user demand comparatively Firefox, Chrome, Opera and others. So, Microsoft has finally realized the necessity to update the browser and they did it. Now, Microsoft Edge one of the most demanded Windows 10 new features.

Start Menu Folders

Windows 10 start menu is more organized than windows 8 and 8.1. Users can easily find their all types folders using start menu. In windows 8, it was not such organized and well-patterned like windows 10. Microsoft set its latest version start menu as more helpfully.

Facilities to add Multiple Desktop

After windows 10 creator update Microsoft has finally added the facilities to add multiple desktop. This is massive change of Microsoft operating system. Its allow you to add new desktops and quickly move windows pressing New-Tab. It can be highly appreciable update for new and old users. As Windows 10 new features it has got massive response from its users.

Central Notification Center System

Microsoft has finally added much awaited central notification area; it was truly needed new features in Windows 10. To get notification you can click tray icon in the lower-right side of the screen. Microsoft added this features nearly like notification system of Google Chrome. Users can get all notification from windows very easily using this system.